IP Lookup

IP Address Finding Methods

Public and private IP addresses can be found in a variety of ways. The most frequently preferred method of learning public IP addresses by users is to search for "What's my IP" on Google. Offering you the answer to the question "What is my IP address?" at the top, Google helps you learn your public address. Depending on the platform you use, you can learn the hidden IP address of the device you are connecting to the Internet. Windows users can easily find the IP address of both the device and the internet connection modem by typing "ipconfig" into the Command Prompt system. If you are wondering "What is my IP address?" for your devices with Windows operating system, you can try this method. For devices with iOS operating system, the IP address learning method is different. You can complete the IP learning process by choosing the network from the 'system preferences' section of your device.

How to Inquire IP Address?

There are also various methods to find the IP address of a different device connecting to the Internet. For Windows devices, the method of finding someone else's IP address is through the 'command prompt' file. After pressing the Windows and R keys simultaneously, the "cmd" command is entered in the window that opens. The IP address can be accessed by typing "ping" and the web address to be monitored, as in the process of finding a personal IP address, on the command screen. IP querying, which is used to determine geographical location, provides the country, city, region, zip code and time zone to which the device is connected. Home address cannot be learned with IP, which is a virtual address. Finding a location from an IP address is only detecting the region to which the device is connected.

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