DNS Lookup

What is DNS Briefly: DNS is the abbreviation of Domain Name System. Its Turkish equivalent is known as Domain Naming System. In other words, we can call it the phone book of the Internet. Converts easy-to-remember names (issimkayit.com) to IP addresses (1859.92.0.250) 

  What is the purpose of using DNS? It is to respond to inquiries about the domain name or IP number coming over the network. For this purpose, the “Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND)” software is widely used. When you want to access a site, DNS determines which site is where, which IP belongs to which computer, and you access it wherever you want! 

  What is Reverse DNS? Reverse DNS is also known as PTR record. It is available in all domain addresses and is generally used in e-mail communication. Required for security reasons. 

  What is A Record DNS? The address (A) record points the hostname to an IP address. For example, if you want the address mycomputer.domain.com to be forwarded directly to your host computer (let the ip address be, you would need to enter a record like: atakdomain.com. A It can be called the most used record type. It contains the information to which IP address a subdomain connected to your domain will be forwarded to. For example, it is used to redirect the “www” subdomain to your domain name to the server IP address where your website is hosted.

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